Sergey Ryazanskiy

Astronaut, A Hero of the Russian Federation, Motivational Speaker, Author, Space Photographer


  • The world’s first scientist who became  a spacecraft commander 
  • Performed 2 space flights, lasting in total  306 days. Done 4 spacewalks lasting in  total 27 hours 35 minutes
  • Took the 2014 Winter Olympics Torch  into open space together with Oleg Kotov
  • Participated in “Mars-500” program  as captain of team Mars-105


  • Born November 13th, 1974 in Moscow, Russia. His grandfather was a famous Soviet scientist and designer of space equipment
  • 1996 – graduated from the biology faculty of Moscow State University. Worked in the Institute of Medical and Biological Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences
  • Ph. D in Physiology and Aviation  and Space Medicine
  • Graduated with Honors from the Master’s Program of the Russian Presidential Academy specializing in National Economy and Public Administration
  • 2003 – enlisted as a candidate in the Astronauts Team of Russia
  • 2013 – First space flight • 2016 – Second space flight as spacecraft commander

Highlights of Sergey’s Motivational Speech

  • Leadership, finding compromises, conflictology
  • Motivation through establishing  an adequate goal, that is visible  to all parties
  • Effective work in stressful conditions:  trust and responsibility as key factors  for teamwork
  • Relationships between central office and divisions. How to share responsibility areas and achieve the goal 
  • Decision-making related issues: brainstorming, identifying the best management approach
  • Working in a multi-national team:  finding a common language
  • Developing one’s agenda and ability  to prioritize
  • Selecting a team versus having to work  with a team “imposed” on a manager
  • An astronaut’s approach to safety issues: implementation of corporate safety culture in production

Social work

  • Motivational speaker specializing in leadership, motivation, teamwork and stress
  • Chairman of the  Russian Movement  of Schoolchildren
  • Board member of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA)


  • “Amazing Earth” – Photo Album (published in Russian, 2018)
  • “How to Hammer a Nail in Space” (published in Russian, 2019)
  • “Amazing Earth: Planet of a Thousand Colors” Photo Album  (published in Russian, 2019)
  • “Space leadership” (published in English, 2020)

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